A new generation of students are preparing for the new academic year. But what have they got to look forward to? Cuts to further and higher education budgets have left schools and universities struggling to provide decent working conditions for staff and decent learning conditions for students. There’s creeping privatisation across the education sector, and the hidden costs of accommodation and other fees are turning university in particular into the preserve of only those who can afford it.

And what is all this education for? We’re going to graduate into a world where Tory policies have provoked one of the biggest social crises for decades. Poor quality housing, high unemployment, and low-skilled jobs all await us when we finish our education. And on top of this, the effects of global warming have never been clearer, and threaten millions of lives. This is where capitalism and its crippling crises have led us. This system is a dead-end.
In Britain a general election seems increasingly likely. Jeremy Corbyn is currently at the cutting edge of the anti-austerity movement in Britain. We must throw ourselves into the general election campaign fighting to bring Corbyn to power on a socialist programme. We need to be at the forefront of a campaign of students for Corbyn. Toppling Boris Johnson and the Tories in this way is the first step along the path towards the fundamental and revolutionary socialist transformation of society.
Our guide to action in the coming months and years must be the revolutionary ideas of Marxism. Karl Marx outlined the workings and contradictions of capitalism, and explained that only the revolutionary overthrow of this system based on exploitation and oppression can carry humanity forwards. These revolutionary ideas aren’t a utopian fantasy but a practical guide to changing the world today. We need to study them methodically, and translate theory into practice.
That’s why you should join the Marxist Student Federation at your school, college, or university. We have groups in 35 places around Britain and growing. If we don’t have a group where you are then we can help you set one up.
There’s never been a better time to be a revolutionary Marxist. Don’t hesitate! Seize the moment! Fight for your future! Join the Marxist Student Federation!
Coming this year – Brunel, Nottingham, and more!
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