The Marxist Student Federation had an excellent start with freshers’ fairs last week! We were present at 4 universities and collected over 170 sign-ups. We were in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, and Brunel University in London.

Our comrades received a lot of enthusiasm from many students about our societies. It was amazing to hear so many students excited about learning Marxist theory specifically. Those interested were asking important questions such as ‘What would socialism look like?’ ‘Was the USSR socialist?’ and ‘How can I help fight capitalism now?’. All of these questions we aim to cover over the course of our meetings in the coming weeks.  In many cases, those who approached our stalls simply said: “I’m a communist/Marxist, where do I sign?”. 

We endeavor to have a wide selection of theoretical material on display at our stalls. This allows interested students to grab a copy of the most important Marxist classics, from the Communist Manifesto to Lenin’s State and Revolution in advance of our reading groups. In all cases, our theoretical material received positive feedback with a lot of material sold. 

A couple of students informed us they were actively looking for our stall! In Glasgow, a couple of people said that they have been following our Marxist Society for a while and were eager to join. Another student in Edinburgh told us that he reads our international website every morning and couldn’t wait to get involved!















The topic of our first meetings on “Why We Are Communists” was also met with great interest! We had an excellent turnout with over 40 people in Glasgow and over 20 in Edinburgh. The leadoff by one of our comrades was followed by a very engaged discussion.

This is a great start for the MSF freshers’ campaign! However, we can’t wait for our second week of Freshers. We will be present at a whopping 24 different university fairs up and down the country. We will be at Leeds Beckett, Newcastle, Hull, KCL, Portsmouth, Suffolk Uni, UEA, UEL, Birmingham, Falmouth, Nottingham Trent, Sheffield, Reading, Sussex, Manchester, LSE, Queen Mary, Bristol, Kent, Liverpool, London Met, Oxford Brookes, Surrey, and Goldsmiths! 

This is shaping up to be our biggest freshers mobilisation yet!

#CommunismOnCampus is very much alive and the MSF is excited to be the only organisation to battle for genuine Marxist ideas on campus!

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