Capitalism has reached a dead end. A tiny minority owns an obscene amount of wealth, whilst all over the world we are seeing chaos and crisis unfold on a historical scale. Poverty, unemployment, war, hunger and the climate crisis are rampant. We cannot expect any real solutions from the ruling class of wealthy parasites or their governments. This is because this system, and the horrors it creates, actually benefits them. We cannot expect them to change society, and as such it is up to us.

We are fighting to overthrow capitalism, and to create a new society based upon democratically planned production for human need, rather than production for profit. The ideas of the ruling class are designed to paralyse workers and prevent any change. We base ourselves on the only ideas that offer a serious analysis and a guide to revolutionary action: the theories of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky and others in the Marxist tradition – 

There are a lot of lies and distortions about Marxism. That is no accident. Marxism is the only political theory that strikes fear into the heart of the ruling class. They will throw every means they have at hand at keeping you away from studying these ideas – the ideas needed to overthrow their rule. The most revolutionary act we can do right now, therefore, is to read Marx.

In academia in particular, everything Marx ever wrote is distorted. His ideas are made utterly obscure or else are simply falsified. But Marxism is no academic exercise. Marx and every truly Marxist theoretician that followed him, did not devote their lives to writing texts just out of ‘academic interest’. They wrote theory in order to explain why the world is the way it is, to provide the lessons of the experiences of the workers’ struggles, so that with such a theory the working class can seize power.

As Marx himself said; “Philosophers have interpreted the world in various ways, the point however is to change it”. Any worker, any student is able to read and understand Marxism. That is the point of it. It is time to stop wasting time reading about how academics interpret Marx, or what academics have to say about Marx. Instead, it’s time to read Marx for yourself.

Our organisation is taking this work seriously and we are therefore launching a nationwide #ReadMarx campaign. We will be holding Reading Groups in over 35 cities on the Classics of Marxism! Register now to take part in this campaign via our website. There is no time to waste. We need to educate, agitate and organise. Join one of our reading groups and discuss with us the only ideas that can explain the misery of capitalist society and provide us with a guide to action in our struggle for a better world.



Across the country, Marxist Societies are running reading groups. Whether you’re a student or worker you’re welcome to get involved. Find out more by getting in touch using this form. 

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