Queen Mary Occupation Report

On Tuesday 10th April 2018 the Queen Mary student occupation came to a close. For the past 30 days, 20-30 students at Queen Mary, in solidarity with the UCU lecturers’ strikes and against student bursary cuts, occupied the Octagon; a grade II listed space often referred to as “the heart” of the university.


An eyewitness account of the struggle in France

We publish below an eyewitness account of the Nuit Debout movement that has, along with massive strike action, been sweeping France. For an analysis of the movement, its strengths and weaknesses, see here: http://www.socialist.net/french-labour-law-strengths-and-weaknesses-of-the-movement.htm ——————— Since March, a fervour has been sweeping France. In direct opposition to the proposed counter-reforms of Read more…

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