The road to socialism is international

In a time of mass conflict in Israel/Palestine, imperial blockades on Cuba and Latin America in turmoil, Keir Starmer is flag-waving and calling for ‘progressive patriotism’ . We must fight back against this with the genuine internationalism that socialists stand for. Read why here. 

Ted Grant: 1913-2006

Originally published 20 July 2006, and republished today to mark the anniversary of Ted Grant’s passing. You can celebrate Ted’s legacy by purchasing his books and collections of his writings at Wellred Books.

Protest in Cuba: defend the revolution!

The situation in Cuba is serious. On Sunday 11 July, there were protests in various towns and cities in Cuba that have enjoyed widespread coverage in the international media (how could it be otherwise?) Where do these protests come from? What is their character? How should we, as revolutionaries, respond?

Lies and gross incompetence: Closures and Restructures at University of Sheffield

The Archaeology department and the Schools of Languages and Cultures (SLC) at the University of Sheffield fight for their future. The scandal ridden review process of the Archaeology department highlights the need for democratic control of universities. The University Executive Board (UEB) has been lying to students, disposed of meeting transcripts, and shows gross ignorance of the subjects taught at the University. The Pro-Vice Chancellor Gill Valentine, in charge of the Archaeology Read more…

Tell the truth: History is not linear

Students all over the world are seeing the holes in the education they are given. It is no longer enough to dispel myths to young people through their schooling. More and more, people are turning away from the lies told to them. Here, Iris d’Honfleur, a recent A Level student, looks at her experience of A Level History. 

Greenwashing and sustainable investment: why capitalism can’t solve the climate crisis

Under pressure to address the climate catastrophe, politicians and investors are cynically putting a green spin on their exploitative activities. In truth, capitalism is killing our planet. Only socialist planning can end this destruction. Addressing the G7 last month, Boris Johnson urged fellow world leaders to unite and “build back better”. This exhortation marked the launch of the Build Back Better World (B3W) Partnership: a project instigated by the Biden administration, and backed by Read more…