Why I got organised: Overcoming the feeble strength of one

Young people have been affected deeply by the crisis of capitalism. Education is under threat, living conditions are worsening and, as a result, people are getting more angry. That anger alone is not enough, many people want something to change but feel defeated by the prospect of making that change happen. Having the ideas of Marxism, and an organisation of dedicated revolutionaries backing up action, can allow this feeling to be overcome. 

The life and ideas of Lenin

Originally posted on marxist.com, our international website! Between 24-26 June, 80 comrades from across Britain took part in the Marxist Student Federation’s first ever residential Marxist summer school. The inspiring school, set in the idyllic hills of the Peak District, was themed on the life and ideas of Lenin. Now, all four talks from the school are available online. In a speech delivered at the third All-Russia Congress of the Russian Young Read more…

Why we are communists

Today, hundreds of thousands of students will receive their exam results and put their school days behind them. Now is the time to study the ideas of Marxism, become a committed communist, and join us in the fight for revolution.