Throughout history, revolutionaries have produced newspapers, pamphlets and magazines to put forward world changing ideas. We cannot trust our enemies, the capitalist class, to allow revolutionary ideas to be discussed in their media. Ideas are distorted, slandered and outright ignored in the hands of our class enemies.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must fight back against these lies about socialism and communism with a revolutionary press – a press of our own where we can publish the truth.

This is why we produce the Revolution: to spread ideas that can help to overthrow the capitalist order and bring about a new world.

In issue 16 of Revolution, we have a theoretical article on ‘why we are communists’, explaining why it is that capitalism goes into crisis, how socialist revolution would solve the problems facing society, and why we need to look to the experience of the Bolsheviks to achieve this.

This issue also features a ‘Myths of Marxism’ article looking at whether human nature is inherently greedy; an article on why education is failing;  and an account from a Marxist activist on how organising with the MSF helped them to establish a revolutionary group at their college.

These articles are all available on our website. But as Lenin once explained, the revolutionary press is the scaffolding of a revolutionary organisation. Revolution is a tool for organising and educating groups of young revolutionaries in schools and colleges.

So if you’d like copies of this magazine to be sent to you, so you can sell them at your school or college, and organise discussions on the articles inside, get in touch with the MSF today using the form below.

If you’re a university student, we highly recommend checking out Socialist Appeal, the newspaper of the International Marxist Tendency in Britain, featuring Marxist analysis of events in Britain and internationally.

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