Monday saw International Workers Day demonstrations in towns and cities all over Britain. Socialist Appeal comrades joined these demonstrations, raising bold revolutionary slogans, and calling on workers and youth to join our ranks.

Monday 1 May – International Workers Day (IWD) – saw demonstrations in towns and cities all over Britain. With the rebirth of the British labour movement that has begun over the past year, these demos were marked with a sense of determination, a noticeable change from years past.

This was especially the case as May Day also coincided with a strike by NHS nurses in the RCN.

In fact, the weekend was book-ended with strikes on Thursday and Friday by the NEU and PCS respectively, with the NEU going out again today (2 May).

Comrades of Socialist Appeal – the British section of the International Marxist Tendency – joined workers, trade unionists, and radical youth on these IWD demos, raising bold revolutionary slogans and boldly calling for militant workers and youth to join our ranks.

We did so, knowing we were part of an international day of action, involving hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide.

In fact, IWD also comes at an important time for our own organisation as we have recently launched our ‘Are You A Communist?’ recruitment campaign. Already over this May Day weekend we have had dozens of write-ins by those looking to join the Marxists.

So, if you saw us at a May Day event near you, or are inspired by what you read in this report, then join us today!


Comrades marching May Day 2023

IWD in London has historically been a small affair, with hardly any organised mobilisations on the part of the major trade unions. However, year on year, as the crisis of capitalism has deepened, the numbers attending the May Day demo have grown.

This is true especially of comrades from the ranks of Socialist Appeal.

At midday, over a hundred Socialist Appeal comrades – with some comrades from our Canadian section Fightback in attendance – gathered outside the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell. Here they eagerly listened to speeches from comrades who outlined the historical significance of the day.

IWD, born out of the struggle for the eight-hour day, still holds great significance for the international labour movement. With the capitalist system in crisis worldwide, many of the gains won through struggle by the working class in the past are being steadily eroded.

It is therefore necessary to carry on this fight – and this time, see the struggle through to the finish.

After being inspired by the speeches, comrades then assembled to form a bloc. Our bloc was a sea of red flags, flanked by two gigantic banners which displayed a call to arms for workers and youth to join us.

Comrades chanted revolutionary slogans, such as “no wage losses, expropriate the bosses!”, and “nationalise the banks, seize their wealth, spend it on the National Health!”.

These slogans attracted the ear of passers-by and a few others on the demonstration, with some of them joining in on our bloc.

Overall, the march was a success. The several thousand who participated finished up in Trafalgar Square where there was a short rally.

After the march, comrades headed over to Hackney for a celebratory social. Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal, gave a speech on the significance of the day, the intensifying class struggle, and the great historic tasks that now stand in front of us.

Rob spoke about how the great courage of the working class historically has rarely been matched by its leaders. And that is our task: to build that Marxist revolutionary leadership, for the big events that impend.

Comrades then finished off with a revolutionary quiz and rousing renditions of the Internationale and Bandiera Rossa!

Hopefully, those there that are not yet in our ranks will have been inspired by the determination, energy, and enthusiasm on show by our comrades, and join us in the struggle for socialism!


Comrades from Leeds and York Marxists were proud to support May Day celebrations this year. We marched through the centre of Leeds alongside a few hundred workers, trade unionists, and students, raising the banner of revolution!

Our bloc was the largest there and led chants throughout like “one solution – revolution!”. Comrades had the opportunity to speak to a lot of enthusiastic activists and trade unionists about working-class history and perspectives for socialism. Many discussed developments in the strike wave and where it is headed.

After the march there were speakers from Leeds TUC, the BMA, RCN, NEU, RMT, and PCS unions. All of which showed firm resolve to win the struggle against the bosses and this rotten government!

We finished up with a public meeting in a nearby pub about the history of IWD, and the future of the trade union struggle.

If you saw our banners or heard our voices then get in touch and get involved in the struggle against capitalism!


A few hundred people rallied and marched through Sheffield to celebrate this year’s IWD.

The mood of the demo was militant, despite the demonstration having not been widely advertised, and many NHS workers were elsewhere picketing across the city. Clearly, many were fed up and angry at the bosses’ attacks on the working class – but were also proud to be carrying on the century old traditions of the labour movement.

With a youthful bloc, the Sheffield Marxists, joined by other protesters and even passers-by, led chants against the Tory government. We called for students and workers to unite and fight and to expropriate the bosses.


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We ended the march by signing the Internationale. We then set up two stalls where people stopped to discuss the way forward for society, Marxist ideas, and building for socialist revolution.

Though the turnout was lower than other rallies earlier this year, the good conversations we had and the interest our literature received shows that many people are looking for a way out of the capitalist system and its crises.

We handed out a couple hundred leaflets for our open meeting on Wednesday, where we will discuss and organise for the socialist fightback we urgently need!


Comrades from Durham, Newcastle, Ashington, and Tyneside were out in force to attend the May Day rally in Newcastle this year.

The march and rally itself only numbered around 100, but this did not by any means make it a quiet affair.

As we marched through the streets, chants of “workers united will never be defeated” echoed down the high street.

At one point, the demo passed by a Royal Marines recruitment tent where around 40 young people on the demo united in chanting “No war, No NATO!”

Passers by were drawn into the rally. We used that chance to put forward a militant class perspective to them which was received with enthusiasm.

Speakers at the rally spoke well about the class struggle in general terms, to a good reception.

However, most just laid the blame at the feet of the Tory government, and not also at the capitalist system which they represent. This shows the vacuum for a revolutionary perspective in the labour movement. Socialist Appeal stands boldly not only for a struggle to kick out the Tories, but to kick the bankers and bosses out and put the working class in control. If you agree then join us!


Comrades from the Ipswich branch of Socialist Appeal turned out at the annual May Day march and festival in celebration of IWD.

Comrades also gave several speeches at the rally, raising the need for the trade union movement to move beyond reformist demands and to fight instead for socialist policies. We also highlighted the internationalist side of the ongoing strike wave.

We led the demonstration with militant chants calling for the nationalisation of the banks, and the overthrow of the bosses and the rotten Tories.

The festival itself had hundreds of attendees and many stalls put on by local activist groups. There was a clear hunger for socialist ideas, as noticed by the high level of traffic to our stall, where we sold lots of Marxist literature and merchandise. Many people left their details with us wanting to get more involved!


Roughly 100 were in attendance at this year’s May Day rally and march in Cardiff.

Here there were speeches about the increasing attacks on working conditions, but also about the victories of the labour movement historically, the achievements of the strike wave today, and the need for working class unity.


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A member of the UCU discussed how Cardiff University is threatening to take 100% of pay from workers who are participating in their union’s marking and assessment boycott in their current dispute.

Such brutality from the bosses reveals the need for militant leadership in the trade unions to fight back. And it is this kind of leadership so desperately needed that Socialist Appeal is attempting to build everywhere.


Comrades from Leicester and Loughborough Socialist Appeal branches attended this year’s May Day celebrations in Leicester.

We had easily the biggest and most pro-active attendance at the demo. We had a lot of valuable conversations with people who were interested in what we do.

Discussions included talking about what Marxism means today and the role of a revolutionary organisation, as well as more nuanced discussions about different aspects of Marxist ideas.

We also met one local GMB rep involved in organising Amazon workers who is interested in talking to us more about their plans and activity.

Our consistent attendance and organised presence at events like these is recognised in the area. It is through our bold approach that we will continue to strengthen and build in the East Midlands. Forwards to the 1,000 members!


This year’s May Day event in Southampton saw participation from several trade unions in Southampton. It felt like a real step forward for the local labour movement which, like elsewhere across the country, has really jumped into life over the past period.


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Members from unions including Unite, PCS, UCU, Unison, RCN, RMT, and the NEU were present.

Socialist Appeal and Marxist Student Federation activists participated in the rally and march. One of our student comrades was invited to speak at the rally. In their speech, they highlighted the crisis of capitalism, and the revolutionary mood among the youth.


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Several trade unionists also spoke to Socialist Appeal activists about the developments taking place in their strikes and disputes, and what the next steps should be.

Our paper, pamphlets and books were all well received by members of the local labour movement and radical young people present. Local supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in particular expressed an interest in our upcoming pamphlet on Israel-Palestine.

A UCU member also said they would come to one of our Marxist Society meetings to speak about their strike.

It was a great day for bolstering the mood of our comrades who look forward to supporting the local labour movement in the stormy period ahead, while building the revolutionary leadership the working class deserves.


Despite a low turnout for the city’s May Day rally, members and supporters of Bristol Socialist  Appeal were proud to march behind our two banners, and set up our stall in Castle Park.

The enthusiasm of our comrades and supporters attracted interest from passers-by, giving us an opportunity to talk about the revolutionary ideas of Marxism. The headline of our current issue, in particular its clarion call for revolutionary struggle, prompted lots of genuine curiosity, questions, and enthusiasm.

We sold plenty of copies of Socialist Appeal and Marxist literature, plus raised a lot of money through people’s donations for our fighting fund.

The depth of the cost-of-living crisis, amidst the global demise of capitalism, demands revolutionary change.

As part of an international Marxist movement, Bristol Socialist Appeal is attracting more and more young people to join its ranks. Whatsmore, there is no burying of our programme – we are openly building for communism!


Glasgow’s annual May Day march and rally took place on Saturday 29 April. The march set off from George Square, around a thousand strong.

All sections of the labour movement were there: workers, students, and supporters of their struggles. EIS, PCS, Unison, and Unite were all waving their banners, as well as a contingent from ‘Living Rent’.

Comrades from the Glasgow branch took their place in the march, calling out our revolutionary slogans and talking to attendees and passers-by about our ideas and programme.

The march took place for roughly two hours, travelling from George Square to Queen’s Park in Southside. People were in good spirits, and were well received by the public. The introduction of a pipe-band at the head of the procession was a welcome attraction!

Our flags and our boldness also certainly caught people’s eye. This led to many interesting and productive conversations, in which we laid out our case for Marxism and why people should organise for revolution.

The red flag of revolutionary socialism is flying high in Scotland – forward to the 1,000!

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