2022: Marxist Students on the march!

This past year has definitely been one for the history books. In 2022, we have seen three Tory Prime Ministers, the death of a Monarch, the outbreak of war between Russia and NATO-backed Ukraine, devastating floods in Pakistan, and the cost of living skyrocketing across the globe. With this chaos as a backdrop, workers and youth across the world are beginning to wage a fierce struggle to defend their political rights and Read more…

Student housing crisis shows depth of crisis

As the crisis of capitalism deepens, workers and youth are the first to suffer. Students across the country are facing worsening living conditions and seeing their quality of education drop. This year has seen a crisis of student housing begin to emerge. Without democratic control of universities by students and staff, there is no solution to this. 

Why we study the Russian Revolution

Monday marked the 105th anniversary of the October Revolution. These 10 days shook the world and spurred on proletarian movements in countries far and wide. Over a century later and the Russian Revolution one of the most distorted events in history. The international bourgeois work actively to confuse and lie about the Russian Revolution. As Marxists, we must take a more serious approach. What is the real history of the revolution and how can we replicate it today?