Tell the Truth: Ireland’s Great Famine

Ultimately, this whole catastrophe occurred in order for the capitalists and landlords to increase their bottom line. In order to put an end to hunger and famine – which still afflict the world today – we must put an end to this capitalist horror show once and for all.

Super League – Super Greed

The suggested model is equivalent to the closed-shop franchise system used for professional team sports in the USA, with no promotion or relegation to worry the money men. This removes the inconvenient problem of having to have a good season on the pitch to get into elite Europe-wide competitions – albeit at everybody else’s expense.

Rape culture in schools: The product of a sick system

Women will never be viewed as equals within a society built upon inequality and injustice. Neither women nor men will ever have control over their lives and bodies within an economy based on exploitation, profit, and competition, and commodification. And we will never rid the world of misogyny, as long as the capitalist class are in control, using sexism and bigotry to divide the working class.

COVID clampdowns: Defend civil liberties!

Capitalist states are thus arming themselves with greater coercive powers and undermining the right to organise in advance. Without a working-class fightback, any curtailment of democratic rights introduced with the excuse of the pandemic will be made permanent and used to stifle the ability of workers and youth, and their organisations to organise and fight.

Pimlico Academy protest: militant action pays

On Wednesday 31 March, hundreds of students at Pimlico Academy held a sit-down protest on school grounds. Whilst the event has been presented as a result of a change in uniform policy, a closer look shows a deeper rooted political battle taking place at the school, of which this protest is the culmination.  

Racist ruling class says ‘no racism here’

But rather than putting the issue of racism to bed, this report will no doubt provoke a backlash. If anything, the establishment’s denial of institutional racism will only vindicate and embolden those who have come out onto the streets to protest against racism and oppression over the last year. After all, in effect, this report is a declaration of war on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Prince Phillip dies – Time for the Monarchy to pass away

Last Friday, Buckingham Palace announced the death of his Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at the age of 99. The establishment eulogies have flowed in rapidly since. Boris Johnson, speaking from Downing Street, said that the Duke had “inspired the lives of countless young people”. Such praise is to be expected from supporters of the establishment and the British Monarchy, which is a vital component in propping up the existing order.

Tell The Truth: The Opium Wars

Among the most formidable civilisations that early capitalism had to confront in its period of ascent was China. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx listed among the key moments of capitalist development not only the conquest of the Americas and the transatlantic slave trade, but also the opening of new markets in the Indian subcontinent and East Asia. The horrors which attended capitalist domination in Asia were scarcely less than those seen in the Atlantic.