King’s College London denies Clearing to A-Level students

Just four days before A-Level results day, King’s College London announced that Clearing spaces will no longer be available, despite having offered them in previous years. By responding to a comment under an Instagram post, the university explained their position by saying ‘we’ve been able to fill the required spaces on all our undergraduate courses for 2021 entry. Therefore, we will not be entering Clearing and Adjustment this year’.

Crisis in CAMHS: How Capitalism ruined Mental Healthcare

From its inception, major concerns have been raised about reductions in CAMHS while demand increases, and waiting list times soar. Young people are forced to travel hundreds of miles for faltering and underfunded healthcare, with some having to wait over a year. CAMHS referrals are also notoriously hard to receive, and some young people with multiple diagnoses have been unable to receive help on the NHS.

Why you should read ‘The State and Revolution’ by Lenin

In August 1917, Lenin took pen to paper to write one of his most seminal works, The State and Revolution.  This preceded the Russian Revolution, and was used to organise and educate the Russian working class.  The spreading of communist propaganda has always been a key task of revolutionaries. Similarly,  The Communist Manifesto was smuggled across borders and into factories to get the ideas of Marxism to the workers. The role of Read more…

The road to socialism is international

In a time of mass conflict in Israel/Palestine, imperial blockades on Cuba and Latin America in turmoil, Keir Starmer is flag-waving and calling for ‘progressive patriotism’ . We must fight back against this with the genuine internationalism that socialists stand for. Read why here. 

Ted Grant: 1913-2006

Originally published 20 July 2006, and republished today to mark the anniversary of Ted Grant’s passing. You can celebrate Ted’s legacy by purchasing his books and collections of his writings at Wellred Books.