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Welcome to the Birmingham Marxist Society, our aim is to educate ourselves in Marxist theory, campaign to build the forces of Marxism, and, ultimately, to struggle for socialism. We host weekly discussion meetings on a wide variety of topics, ranging from current affairs to historical events, from a Marxist perspective. We also host reading groups every week where we discuss classic Marxist texts and theory. Everyone is welcome to attend, student or not, as all voices and opinions add depth to our meetings. So please attend assured that you will receive a warm welcome and that your voice will be heard! We work both on and off campus to act as the Marxist voice in the labour movement, we campaigned for a socialist Labour government in 2019 throughout the city. We were also heavily involved with the UCU strikes at the beginning of 2020 where we protested against the marketisation of education. More recently, we stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests that erupted across the globe, we aim to dismantle this rotten capitalist system that callously discards human life and puts worker against worker! Our comrades also protested against the A Level results algorithm used by the government which downgraded the results of many working class students, we stand for a free and fair education for all, not just for the wealthy elite! The Birmingham Marxist Society has been working tirelessly to fight capitalism and build socialism throughout 2020, we need you to help us continue this struggle into the next year!

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