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Welcome to the University of Leeds Marxist Society! We are a group of marxists aiming to spread the ideas of socialism on campus. We host weekly meetings, involving talks and discussions on current issues, historical events, and theory, in addition to regular reading groups. We are very involved in activism within the university. We set up the Leeds Student Staff Solidarity group in response to the latest wave of UCU strikes, setting up well-attended meetings and stalls on campus to educate the student body on the strikes and promote solidarity between staff and students. We hosted popular fundraising events for the UCU hardship fund and were down at the picket lines every day, speaking out against the marketisation of education at the rallies. We were also the most prominent left group on campus campaigning during the 2019 General Election, getting students registered to vote and organising door-knocking sessions in support of the Labour Party. In addition to the regular climate strike protests, more recently we have been involved in the BLM and A-Level fiasco protests. During the coronavirus crisis, our comrades have continued to host public events online. Join the University of Leeds Marxist Society today to help us fight against capitalism, for an international socialist revolution!

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