Welcome to the University of Sussex Marxist Society! We’re a group of young Marxists in your university fighting for international revolution. We host regular meetings where we discuss the crisis of capitalism and how to fight for a better world, as well as reading groups to equip ourselves with Marxist theory necessary for this task. We regularly get involved in various campaigns both on campus and in the city of Brighton. We began last academic year by actively campaigning during the general election. We fought for a socialist Labour government alongside other left wing groups – such as Sussex Labour Society – and with our Kemptown CLP. We also participated in the UCU strikes, standing in solidarity with striking lecturers and against marketisation of education. Our comrades have attended many other protests and rallies to fight alongside various workers in Brighton. We were involved in the No War in Iran demonstrations in the winter, during which we were instrumental in the organising of a joint-demo with other left-wing societies and groups in Brighton. We have been active in the recent Black Lives Matter movement and A-Level Protests, as well as the ongoing Fridays 4 Future climate strikes. At one protest for the latter, our comrades sold 44 copies of Revolution, our student newspaper, and raised the demand for the overthrow of a system that puts profit before our planet. Our comrades have been constantly active during the coronavirus, discussing topics at online meetings on history, current events, philosophy, and economics, all with a Marxist perspective. We’ve regularly attended online national meetings put on by the MSF, for which one of our comrades led a discussion on the German Revolution. We have been fighting for socialism and revolution in every way possible this academic year, and since 2011 when our society was founded. We now need your help and involvement to carry this on. Join the University of Sussex Marxist Society today!


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Many figures of the 1960s US Civil Rights Movement were assassinated just as they began to take a revolutionary position against capitalism. Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and many others drew revolutionary Marxist conclusions on the way forward for black liberation before their murders. They understood that under capitalism you cannot end racism. Only by fighting for a socialist society can you end racism and end all other forms of oppression. Join us in the fight to end racism and for socialism! #blacklivesmatter #blm #georgefloyd #bellymujinga #breonnataylor #fredhampton #malcolmx #hughynewton #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforbreonnataylor #racism #capitalism #antiracism #socialism #marxism #revolution

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