Earlier this week we reported on Marxist student comrades winning NUS elections at UEA, SOAS and Sheffield University. We are pleased to report that Josh, Erin, Lily and Nico will be joined by Nick and Dora from UCL at the NUS Conference in Glasgow in April!

Nick Oung, Dora Dimitrova and Edgar Sait-Jones ran campaigns to represent the UCL student body at the NUS Conference on an openly revolutionary socialist platform. The comrades campaigned energetically and enthusiastically on campus, getting into conversations with students about what problems the education system faces under the onslaught of cuts and privatisation. They didn’t limit themselves to the student movement, however, but raised the perspectives of transforming society as a whole in the interests of the majority and ending the reign of profit. Nick and Dora were elected, bringing the total of Marxist NUS Delegates to 6 thus far. With more results to come in from Cambridge and Swansea this week, and many other universities over the coming weeks and months, Nick and Dora look forward to linking up with the other Marxist Delegates to fight to transform the NUS into a fighting socialist union that can link up students and workers in the struggle to build a better society!

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