Last week NUS delegate election campaigns were held in Manchester Metropolitan University and Leeds University. Marxist students ran on a bold socialist programme in both universities and were successfully elected.

These Marxist delegates from MMU and Leeds will join delegates from SOAS, UCL, UEA, Swansea, and Sheffield at the NUS conference in Glasgow in April 2019. Together the Marxist delegates will argue for the NUS to transform itself into a fighting socialist union: one that really represents students.

All over the country Marxist students are pushing resolutions on free education and precarious work through their student unions, to be debated at the NUS conference. Radical policies like this are the only way for the NUS to make itself relevant to the lives of the students it represents, and is the only route to recovery from the £3 million deficit the union currently faces.

With more elections still to come before the conference in April, we are confident that even more Marxists will be elected to represent students at the NUS conference this year. This will be an important step on the road to a fundamental transformation of the NUS into a fighting socialist union.

MMU Marxists NUS delegate election campaign poster
Leeds Marxists NUS delegate election campaign poster
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