REU-MEXICO-VIOLENCE_-760x506The statement below is being proposed to Marxist societies up and down the country to express our solidarity with the missing Mexican students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training School. Marxist societies will be discussing this statement in conjunction with the #TodosSomosPolitecnio statement as well as practically how Marxist students in Britain can build solidarity with students in Mexico.


On September 26, a bus carrying students from the Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa Teacher Training School was stopped by the local police in Iguala, Guerrero. Without prior warning the police opened fire killing six students on the spot. The police, with the collaboration of notorious drug gang Guerreros Unidos then kidnapped the remaining students who have not been seen since. The gruesome discovery of a series of mass graves containing at least 28 burnt bodies suggests the students might have been also killed. So far, none of the bodies have been identified and 43 students remain missing.

We note that drug gangs control large parts of Mexico in collaboration with local and regional authorities and the main political parties. We note that when the communities have organised themselves in local self-defence organisations, the state has moved to arrest them. We note the long tradition of militancy of students from Rural Teacher Training schools. This is clearly a politically motivated massacre aimed at cowing anyone who organises to defend the rights of workers, peasants and youth.

The Marxist Student Federation condemns the massacre of the Ayotzinapa students. We demand a full investigation until all the missing students are found. We demand justice and that all those involved directly and indirectly in this horrible crime be brought to trial and punished.

We send internationalist solidarity greetings with the relatives and comrades of the assassinated and missing students and all those in the movement demanding justice for Ayotzinapa in Mexico.

Capitalism is horror without end. The best homage to those who fall in struggle is to make sure we rid the world of oppression and violence by overthrowing this rotten system and bringing about a socialist society.


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