The Marxist Student Federation has always stood with workers in struggle. We were proud to support UCU when they took strike action. Now members of UNISON are having to prepare to strike against a pathetic pay offer from the university employers.

UNISON members are some of the lowest paid workers at the universities. While the real rate of inflation (RPI) is around 12%, they have been offered between 3 and 9 – and with inflation predicted to rise to 18% next year, it’s clear that this is in reality a big real-terms pay cut. 

Everywhere, the bosses and the government are looking to pass on the cost of the capitalist crisis to workers. From the railways and postal services to Amazon warehouses and off-shore oil platforms, workers are not prepared to take this lying down. 

Students must support these strikes – the working conditions of university staff are our learning conditions, and the university employers want to cut both.

The MSF therefore expresses our full support for UNISON members taking strike action. We call upon all students in the universities where the strikes are taking place to show support to the workers and not to cross the picket lines.

Victory to the UNISON members fighting for a decent pay rise!
Students and workers – unite and fight!

If you want to learn more about this struggle, and get involved with picket line solidarity and other activities, please get in touch!

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