The system is broken: fight for revolution!

The Tories are still in government. Less than 50% of their planned cuts were carried out during the last Parliament. Now they plan to make more than double the cuts they have already, and these ones will be much more painful.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity have called a demo for 20 June demanding an end to austerity. Marxist students and revolutionary young people will join them and The Student Assembly Against Austerity in calling for an end to austerity, for free education, no cuts, no fees, no debt and for an end to student poverty.

But we are marching for more than just an end to austerity. We are demanding an end to the system that makes austerity necessary, and that gives us a general election with no real choice and a government with just 24% of people supporting it. The Tories and their friends in the city do not represent us, and yet thanks to a flawed democratic system and the capitalist economic system, they are the ones who rule our lives.

We demand revolution. We want to overthrow this corrupt and rotten system and replace it with a world where the economy and politics are run in the interests of the majority rather than the profits of a few. There are enough resources in the world to wipe out poverty and provide a good standard of living for everyone. We need to take them away from the rich and we need to plan and run society in a new way.

We are fighting for a fundamental, socialist transformation of society. This is how we will win free education and lift people out of poverty. This is how we will safeguard our future against Tory attacks.

End austerity now! The system is broken: fight for revolution!

Facebook event:

If you’d like to join the block of revolutionary students and young people on this demo please let us know using the form below so that we can co-ordinate our meeting point and send you information about the event;

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