The last week has been extremely busy for the Leeds Marxist Society. We’ve been on the picket lines supporting lecturers and trying to build student solidarity with the 2nd March walkout. 

Here in Leeds, we have organised a demonstration on March 2nd to show University management that students are against them. The plan is to march through the city centre and show our anger at the marketisation of education. 

Striking lecturers have been excited by this idea, and are looking forward to tying the issues of lecturers and students together. UCU and Unison staff have agreed to speak at our rally meeting to help build for this walk out. 

We hope that this will show the unity of students and workers and build solidarity for future battles. Both unions will be joining our demonstration! 

We look forward to March 2nd and the show of strength to University management! If you want to join the demonstration, get in touch here.

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