10431575_10205427959966887_204526454847448732_nWe’re pleased to confirm the attendance of Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez at the MSF conference on Saturday 14 Feb.

Arturo is a member of PODEMOS, the founder of the PODEMOS circle in Oxford and the President of the Oxford Marxist Society. He has spoken at meetings of Marxists and activists all over Britain and internationally on the significance of PODEMOS, what it is and where it’s going. Arturo is also a supporter of the Spanish campaign ‘PODEMOS for socialism‘.

Arturo will speak to the MSF conference about the political situation in Spain, what we can expect in the future and what we can do in Britain to support our comrades in Spain.

See here for a video of a recent meeting in Cambridge at which Arturo spoke about Syriza, PODEMOS and the European political situation.

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