We are pleased to confirm the attendance of Ricardo Che from La Izquierda Socialista and CLEP (Polytechnic Students Struggle Committee) and Claudio Garcia from the Mexico Solidarity Campaign in London at the MSF conference on Saturday 14 Feb.

Ricardo has been heavily involved in the struggle in Mexico and, along La Izquierda Socialista and CLEP, has played a leading role in the protest and strike action. Ricardo, along with a number of other comrades, have been targeted by the state and the media in Mexico which have been inciting violence against them for their part in the struggle.

Claudio has played a leading role in building the Mexico Solidarity Campaign in London and across Britain – organising demonstrations, actions and meetings, as well as addressing meetings of the Marxist Student Federation and the International Marxist Tendency.

The recent struggle of young people and workers in Mexico has been an inspiration for revolutionaries all over the world. These comrades will talk to the conference about the struggle, the conditions of political work in Mexico and how the MSF can support the struggles of our comrades in Mexico in the future.



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