From the 4th – 7th October the Conservative Party will be holding their annual conference in Manchester. When they did this two years ago, 50,000 people went to the streets to show their disgust at the Conservative Party presence in the city and their opposition to the programme of Austerity that the Conservatives have inflicted on the working class during their time in power.

This year’s demonstration, part of a week of action called by the People’s Assembly, is set to be even bigger than two years ago. With the Tories in their second term and attacks on the most vulnerable increasing it is crucial to organise and demonstrate our opposition to this.

Students were once again some of the first to be attacked by the new majority Conservative government. The scrapping of maintenance grants, the scope for high performing institutions to hike tuition fees in line with inflation, the scrapping of housing benefit for 18-21 year old’s are only some of the new policies the Conservative government are introducing that specifically attack young people.

The Marxist Student Federation will be showing our opposition to this by marching together on 4 October through Manchester city centre with the People’s Assembly and various other groups against austerity. We will be marching with a clear message: there is no way out of austerity under capitalism, attacks on the working class will just continue as capitalism continues to decline: We need socialism!

Join us!

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