The motion below has been submitted to the London Young Labour conference in January by a group of Marxists who are young members of the Labour party in London. If you are also a London Young Labour member and would like to put your name to this motion please get in touch via or through the Marxist Student Federation facebook page.

London Young Labour believes that:

  1. The housing crisis is one of the most significant threats to the standard of living of young people in London

  2. The resources exist for everyone to have a comfortable and affordable home

  3. The primary reason for the housing crisis is the pursuit of profit by a small handful of large construction companies and private landlords, which trumps the satisfaction of the needs of the vast majority of Londoners

London Young Labour mandates the committee to:

  1. Launch a campaign immediately for a massive programme of affordable house building

  2. Argue that this programme must be carried out and funded by the largest construction companies and private landlords

  3. Launch a campaign for the immediate nationalisation without compensation of the businesses and land necessary to carry out this programme in the event that the private owners refuse to participate

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