On 29 September there will be a demonstration in Birmingham to protest against the Tory Party conference taking place in that city.

See the official Facebook event here

See our Facebook event here

See the full information from the People’s Assembly here

We want the Tories out, and we want Corbyn to power on a socialist programme. That’s why Marxist students will be at this demonstration in force, and we encourage everyone else to be there too. Student and trade unions should be funding transport and mobilising their members as matter of urgency.

For the last eight years of Tory government the rich have got richer and everyone has been getting poorer. The Tories and their CEO and big business friends have been fighting to keep their crisis-ridden capitalist system afloat, so they can continue to make fat profits, and they’ve been doing so by making life miserable for the rest of us.

We need to kick out the Tories, and put an end to the profit-based system they are so desperate to protect. We need a Corbyn government that implements bold socialist policies, like large-scale nationalisations, without compensation, so that we can plan the economy for need instead of profit.

  • Join us on 29 September!
  • Bring down the government!
  • Corbyn to power on a socialist programme!
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