At the MSF conference 2016 one of the sessions will be a discussion on the question of socialist foreign policy. With Corbyn as leader of the Labour party there has been renewed focus on the correct approach to intervention in the Middle East. Scandalously a wing of the parliamentary party voted in favour of bombing Syria, against the wishes of their party conference and their constituents.

Another foreign policy issue that will dominate headlines in the next few months is the EU referendum. Under pressure from the parliamentary party Corbyn has declared himself in favour of the EU, while the TUC still remains undecided on the question.

What position should Marxists take on these and other foreign policy issues? What would a genuinely socialist foreign policy look like?

To lay the foundations for this discussion we have drawn up a list of recommended reading, which can be found below. Everyone is encouraged to come along and participate in this discussion on these and any other issues you’d like to raise!

Recommended reading/watching

What would a socialist foreign policy look like? by Beatrice Papapietro, Marxist Student Federation

The crisis in Europe by Josh Holroyd, Socialist Appeal

Cameron, Corbyn and the war in Syria video blog by Alan Woods, International Marxist Tendency

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