Comrade Riaz Lund, a leading member of the Pakistan section of the International Marxist Tendency and well-known class fighter in Karachi, has been shot in cold blood by assassins. In a cowardly and brutal assault, he was hit three times, twice in the stomach and once in the chest. It appears now that his condition has stabilised and the immediate danger to his life has passed.

It was members of the International Marxist Tendency who founded the Marxist Student Federation to spread the ideas of Marxism among students. Our founding conference received greetings from comrades in Pakistan carrying out the same work. The MSF expresses its solidarity with Comrade Riaz and our Pakistani comrades. Your struggle is our struggle and together we will end this nightmare of capitalism once and for all.

See here for the statement on Riaz’s shooting by the IMT.

See here for a statement by the Cambridge Marxist Society.

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