Workers Of The World Unite!

The Marxist Student Federation stands for international socialist revolution because we understand that socialism is international or it is nothing. We were delighted to receive greetings to our founding conference (held on 15th February 2014) from many comrades from all over the world. We publish below a selection of those greetings and we express our solidarity with workers all over the world struggling for socialism. We were also delighted to have comrades from Italy, France, Kosovo and Chile present at the conference to bring greetings and reports from their respective countries.

Workers of the world unite!


Dear MSF comrades,

We take the opportunity of your founding conference to send our warm greetings and wishes for the future. Your work in the student movement has become known here in Greece, amongst the circles of SYRIZA as well as within the SYRIZA youth. Your political activity has become a model for us, which is not confined within student issues, but is extended to the consistent defence of pure marxist ideas necessary for the youth to fundamentally change its present and future. The Communist Tendency of SYRIZA is expressing its solidarity with your struggle- which has become a shared struggle.

Long live our comrades, the revolutionary British students!

Towards the victory of international socialism!

Communist Tendency of SYRIZA


Dear MSF comrades,

It gives us, the Rank and File Tendency, great pleasure to extend our best wishes to this conference and to build international solidarity.

The struggle against capitalist oppression and bourgeois dictatorship is the goal of revolutionary Marxists, with the aim of destroying class rule and building a workers’ state.

This goal which we have set can’t be achieved without educated and conscious militants like you who are working to spread Marxist ideas among the youth.

We hope your conference will be a great success.

Our full support & comradely greetings,
Rank and File Tendency – the Marxist tendency in the Moroccan student movement


Dear MSF comrades,

On behalf of the revolutionary youth organized in the Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation (JKNSF) I congratulate the young Marxists in Britain on the formation of the Marxist Student Federation. It is surely a great step forward towards the organisation of the British youth on class basis, educating and arming them with the ideas of Revolutionary Marxism and leading them towards the Socialist transformation of society. We might be thousands of miles apart, but our hardships and problems are common. From unemployment to alienation and commodification of education to privatisation of educational institutes, youth all over the world is being pushed against the wall by the ruling class. Capitalism in terminal decay can’t offer anything to the young generation but worsening exploitation and misery. Globalisation, in this era, means global economic crisis and economic attacks on working class and youth on global scale. A global struggle is required to smash and overthrow this rotten and exploitative system. Only the revolutionary ideas of Marxism can unite the toiling masses and youth all over the world on class basis against the tyranny of imperialism and capitalism.

Rashid Sheikh
Central President


Dear MSF comrades,

We are organising the socialist youth of Pakistan in one of the most difficult objective conditions in world. We congratulate the Marxist students of Britain for their wonderful effort in founding the Marxist Student Federation.

Pakistan was created by British Imperialists to serve their interests in the region. Partition is still a festering wound on the living body of the sub continent. Today millions of people are living here in poverty, destitution and misery and are yearning for a way out. On the other hand International financial institutions are plundering the wealth produced by these masses through a bloody cycle of debt and loans. Marxism is the only ray of hope for those living in the darkest corners of this planet. Only a socialist revolution in Pakistan and whole of South Asia can end this journey of misery, for which we need to build forces of Marxism here.

For us building of the Marxist Student Federation in Britain is a strong message of hope and strength. We need a united struggle against the ruling class of Britain and other Imperialist countries along with their crony capitalists and the rulers of the sub-continent to over throw this system of tyranny and destruction.

Voices against the injustices of British imperialists, from the belly of the beast, will be widely heard here in south Asia. We promise you that your efforts in Britain will be echoed in Pakistan and other parts of sub-continent.

Forward towards the building of Marxist forces in Britain!

Workers of the world unite!

Imran Kamyana
Youth for International Socialism, Pakistan


Dear MSF comrades,

In Pakistan more than 30 million youth are unemployed. Millions are also under-employed. We are struggling to bring them onto one platform and struggle for an unemployment allowance for them. We hold rallies, protest and registration camps for unemployed youth in all parts of Pakistan. We congratulate students in Britain on the founding congress of MSF. We will closely follow the proceedings of this founding meeting and will convey the decisions of this meeting to all our members.

Once again we extend our solidarity for Marxist Student Federation.

Rashid Khalid
Central Organizer, Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT), Pakistan


Dear MSF Comrades,

Congratulations on organizing the founding conference of the British Marxist Student Federation. This very same weekend we are holding a Marxist winter school in Montreal Quebec, the centre of the 2012 Quebec student strike. Student and worker revolutionaries from French and English Canada, plus the USA, will be meeting to discuss how to overthrow the rotten capitalist system. We have been incredibly impressed by the success of the Marxist students in Britain and we are attempting to build similar structures on our campuses in North America. Without internationalism we would be isolated and lost. Your struggle is our struggle, and our struggle is yours. Let us share the best ideas and methods to help the youth and the workers achieve victory. The ideas of revolutionary Marxism are spreading everywhere. There has never been a better time to fight and to win!

Yours in Solidarity,
Fightback Canada, La Riposte Quebec, and the Workers’ International League USA


Dear British student comrades,

The significance of this success cannot be understated. Lenin said “he who has the youth has the future” and it is self-evident at this founding conference that the ideas and the organization of Marxism has the future in Britain. We, the Pittsburgh Student Marxist Association, are made proud and inspired by your work; it is a constant reference point as we too establish Marxist student groups at local campuses. In a short one and a half years we already have two student groups at Pittsburgh campuses and are expanding to more, and it is our fervent hope that we will be able to replicate the gains of the MSF one day here.

With such talented Marxists in its ranks, the MSF cannot fail to make an impact in spreading the ideas of Marxism throughout the student movement. Socialist Appeal and the labor movement is already seeing the first fruits of this labor- but in not too long the whole of the UK will too as the Marxists become a pivotal force in the British student unions, the British labor movement, and ultimately the British socialist revolution.

Long live the Marxist Student Federation and the Pittsburgh Student Marxist Association!

Long live Socialist Appeal, the Workers International League, and the International Marxist Tendency!

Long live the world socialist revolution from Pittsburgh to London!

Jose Manuel of the Workers International League on behalf of the Pittsburgh Student Marxist Association


Dear Comrades and Young Revolutionaries of Great Britain,

I am honoured and privileged to address this message to you and I am deeply saddened that I could not be there with you at the Marxist Student Federation founding conference in London.

Since the collapse of Soviet Russia, the capitalists have spread a message across the world that Marxism is an ideology that can only bring economic instability to society. What we see today is proving that the capitalist propaganda was wrong, proved by the experiences of the people of Tanisha, Egypt, Iran, and Libya and now in Syria. The economy of these countries have been damaged and disrupted by the capitalists.  The common people, the working class, the peasantry took the streets against the atrocities of the ruling class, a class which is mastering exploitation and accumulating wealth at the cost of the lives of the poor.

We have seen in Cambodia the garment factory employees took to the streets demanding better wages and working conditions. Even in Great Britain, last week the HE unions went on strike for better wages and employment conditions.

In India today trade unions have started to work in solidarity to put an end to the capitalist greed and demanding better living conditions. Devastatingly, in India today, 50% of the population are still living below poverty level. Despite this the Indian exploiting class have deposited USD 1500 billion in foreign banks. If these money were brought back to India, every house hold in India could get at least over USD 3000.

The truth is that capitalism is a threat to society – socialism is the only alternative.

My dear comrades, let me conclude with revolutionary greetings and by extending all my solidarity to the MSF.

Sri P. Sreeramakrishnan
Ex- National President of the Democratic Youth Federation of India
Member of the Legislative Assembly, Kerala State

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