Threat to Archaeology – an attack on our history and our heritage

The Tory government has been attacking archaeology on several fronts in recent years – in schools, universities and museums. This is part of the government’s plans to cut funding by 50% for Art and Design courses, of which archaeology is considered part of. These cuts are a clear and rather brutal attack on our education system, and the arts and cultural sector in general. 

UNSION left victory – Time to transform the union into a fighting weapon

The equivalent of a nuclear bomb has just exploded in the labour and trade union movement. Unison, the biggest union in the country, and a bastion of the old right wing, has shifted dramatically to the left. The right have held a firm grip over the union for more than 20 years – ever since its formation in reality. But now the left have won an overwhelming majority in the elections for the NEC, with over 40 left-wingers elected to the union’s leading body. 

COVID clampdowns: Defend civil liberties!

Capitalist states are thus arming themselves with greater coercive powers and undermining the right to organise in advance. Without a working-class fightback, any curtailment of democratic rights introduced with the excuse of the pandemic will be made permanent and used to stifle the ability of workers and youth, and their organisations to organise and fight.