Marxist Student activists attended and spoke at the emergency demo called the Plataforma 12 de Octubre, in solidarity with the struggle of the workers and peasants of Peru against the oligarchic coup which took place last week.

Gathered at Trafalgar square on a cold winter evening, the crowd was very militant and vocal, with a number of demonstrators coming from Peru or other countries in South America, such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, and Argentina.

The speeches outlined the ongoing events in Peru to those passing by, and raised the main demands of the movement: the kicking out of the oligarchy, the freeing of Castillo, and for new elections to take place immediately.

Some speakers went on to point out the role of imperialism in the coup, exposing the role of the US and European imperialists in supporting this new unelected government. One speaker even made clear what our role as workers and youth in Britain should be: not just showing solidarity to the Peruvian people, but crucially to fight our own ruling class at home.

Many demonstrators voiced their support of the national general strike taking place in Peru on 15 December, and raised the need for the workers and the peasants to take power into their own hands to throw out this corrupt government. One of the most popular slogans at the demonstration was “Kick them all out!”

A Marxist student from the KCL Marxist Society gave a speech, in which he affirmed the Marxist Student Federation’s complete solidarity with the Peruvian workers, peasants, and youth. This internationalist message was received with enthusiasm from the crowd.

Jorge Martín, a writer for In Defence of Marxism — the website of the International Marxist Tendency — also gave an inspiring speech, which outlined the reasons why this coup has taken place, and denounced the ‘state of emergency’ which has been imposed by the new illegitimate government to crack down upon the mass movement.

As Jorge pointed out:

“What is at stake in Peru is ‘who rules the country?’ Is it the democratic will of the majority of the people: workers, peasants, the youth, women, the indigenous people? Or is it the unelected, unaccountable oligarchy who controls political power and wealth?”

Our comrades raised the demand of uniting the mass movement into a National Revolutionary Assembly of Workers and Peasants, with the aim of removing the usurpers and expropriating the oligarchs and multinationals.

Passers-by came up to ask about what the demonstration was about, as many are not aware of the situation in Peru – owing to the fact that the capitalist media has barely mentioned it! We handed out dozens of leaflets in both English and Spanish, putting forward our Marxist analysis and programme.

The Marxist Student Federation stands in full solidarity with the workers, peasants and youth in Peru, in their fight against this coup and to determine their own future.

Free Castillo! Let the working people of Peru decide! For a National Revolutionary Assembly of Workers and Peasants! Kick out the oligarchs and usurpers!

To support the struggle in Peru, we must overthrow the imperialists at home!

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