61K for what?

David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, has announced his forthcoming retirement and seen fit to reward himself with a £61,000 “performance-related award’ bonus. This will be added to an already hefty salary of £399,000 in 2020. This is an increase of £10,000 in his total earnings since 2019. Those who have Read more…

International students left to starve

The COVID pandemic has shone a light on how international students are treated as cash cows. As a result of the ongoing marketisation of education, international students are forced to pay eye-watering amounts with little support from universities. Whilst many assumed that international students come from rich backgrounds and families, Read more…

Rent strike reports

The MSF is intervening in rent strikes up and down the country. On the ground, we have been supporting and building for the strikes wholeheartedly. We have been raising our own demands (which can be found in this article) and argued for the strikes to be connected with the wider fight for free education.

Student Justice NOW – Birmingham

With the announcement of the new lockdown, our rent strike page, Student Justice Now, exploded in interest from angered and confused students. We also witnessed the creation of another rent strike page run by students at the University of Birmingham, it hit 1500 followers within 24 hours of being established. Read more…

The housing question in Britain: a history of struggle

We re-publish here an article written by our comrade Andy from Goldsmiths Marxists in 2017, which outlines the radical history of tenants’ struggles in Britain, from the beginning of the twentieth century onwards. While the ideologists of capitalism maintain that we have come a long way since the days of slum tenements, the reality is that poor housing conditions are an everyday experience for many workers and youth and Britain. And, with the current housing crisis pushing many students into organising rent strikes up and down the country, there’s no better time to reflect on the lessons passed down to us from the struggles of the past.