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The radical and militant mood that we find everywhere we look is one that is terrifying the ruling class. Though the pandemic may not discriminate, capitalism does. The climate catastrophe continues unabated, ravaging our planet of its natural resources.We cannot rely on the capitalists and their representatives to solve these problems, since it is the system they defend that is responsible for them in the first place.We need a revolutionary alternative. We are experiencing the death agony of capitalism, but it must be overthrown. Join us today in the struggle for a socialist future. Credit: Toasted Tomatoes,

Posted by Marxist Student Federation on Friday, August 14, 2020

We have Marxist groups in the following universities:

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Most of the groups in the Federation are based at universities but the meetings are open to all and we invite and encourage workers to come along to our meetings!

If there isn’t a Marxist group in your area and you’d like to find out how to set one up then get in touch using the form below, or email contact@marxiststudent