The Marxist Student Federation is the youth wing of Socialist Appeal, the Marxist tendency in Britain.

We are fighting alongside comrades across the world – organised in the International Marxist Tendency – to build a revolutionary organisation capable of overthrowing capitalism worldwide.

We understand that all of the problems we face in society – attacks on living standards, oppression, the climate crisis, and so on – are ultimately rooted in capitalism.

Therefore, we must fight to end this barbaric, irrational system, and replace it with a system based upon socialist economic planning and democratic workers’ control of industry.

We currently have a presence at over 50 universities across the country – and counting!

We organise meetings and reading groups to educate students in the ideas of Marxism, which are the only ideas which can explain the turmoil around us, and point a way forward.

These discussions are not organised out of mere academic interest , however. We are arming ourselves with revolutionary theory as a guide to action.

On this basis, comrades are able to turn towards the labour movement, linking the students’ struggle with that of the working class, in a united fight against capitalism.

While students can be a spark for wider mass movements, we understand that it is only the working class that has the power to change society.

Marxist societies therefore strive to reach out to the labour movement, and to stand in solidarity with striking workers.

With the class struggle sharpening, this will continue to be a key part of our work. It is the students of today who will be the workers of tomorrow. Their fight is our fight.

The education we provide in the MSF is helping to train a new generation of young revolutionary activists.

There has never been a better time to be a Marxist, to intervene in the class struggle, and to join the fight for revolution.

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