The Marxist Student Federation aims to educate a new generation of young political activists in the ideas of Marxism, which are essential if a movement for radical change is to be successful. We aim to prove the strength of our ideas in practice, through campaigns and other action. We aim to win the battle of ideas in the student movement and beyond.

We welcome everyone, students and workers, who want to join us in this task. We have affiliated groups in universities and colleges all over the country which hold open meetings and run campaigns in which anyone can get involved. We also campaign nationally on a number of issues that link the struggles of students and workers for a better society. If you would like to join in order to set up a new affiliated group, or if you are currently a member of a group that would like to affiliate to the MSF then please write to or use the form below and we’d be delighted to hear from you. We have a set of guidelines available for groups who would like to affiliate that we would be happy to send you.

You can join the MSF by signing up to your local Marxist society or setting up a new one yourself. or the form below for more information.