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Why Marxists fight for nationalisation

It is incumbent upon every revolutionary to fight against the privatisation of publicly-owned services, and to agitate for further nationalisation. Thomas Soud of the Warwick Marxists explains why. The ongoing dispute between the RMT and Southern Railways ‒ coupled with Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal to place British rail services, water and utility companies back under public Read more about Why Marxists fight for nationalisation[…]

Latin America: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution?

In this video from the LSEsu Marxist Society, Jorge Martin – editor of the Marxist magazine America Socialista and secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign – discusses the political developments in Latin America over the last two decades. Jorge explains the factors that lay behind the Bolivarian Revolution and other mass social movements in Read more about Latin America: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution?[…]

Fighting for the NHS in Leeds

  Comrades from the Leeds University Marxist Society attended last Saturday’s demo defending our NHS from the vicious attacks by the Tories. The NHS crisis is only another symptom of the crisis of the capitalist system. Austerity and privatisations are not ideological decisions, but organic necessities stemming from the impasse we’ve reached under capitalism. This Read more about Fighting for the NHS in Leeds[…]

Young workers will lose out of the Tory apprenticeship scheme

British capitalism has been mired in industrial decline for decades and is now in the grip of what is called stagnant productivity. We have a low skill, low wage economy. On Thursday 6 April, the Tory government is putting into practice a plan to train three million new apprentices which is apparently intended to tackle Read more about Young workers will lose out of the Tory apprenticeship scheme[…]

Fortnightly Socialist Appeal hits campuses

The Socialist Appeal newspaper is now a fortnightly publication – a big step forward from the previous monthly setup. Marxist students, labour movement activists and comrades all over the country have been selling the paper on campuses and beyond. Have a look at the photos below. If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up Read more about Fortnightly Socialist Appeal hits campuses[…]

The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk: study guide

This year, the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, it’s the responsibility of all serious Marxists to study the history and lessons of the revolution. To help with this, Wellred Books has recently published a new edition of Trotsky’s 100 page pamphlet The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk, with a new preface by Alan Woods. Read more about The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk: study guide[…]

Glasgow students reject the “alt-right”

  The Glasgow University Rector elections attracted media attention this year, with the nomination of “alt-right” personality Milo Yiannopoulos. The racist, sexist, transphobic and all-things-reactionary Trump supporter drew criticism as he casually insulted students, staff and called for the Muslim society to be banned. In spite of endorsing this ban and his campaign ripping down Read more about Glasgow students reject the “alt-right”[…]

The crisis in Kent and Canterbury hospital

As the crisis facing the NHS deepens, even apparently affluent and seemingly middle class areas such as Canterbury are now confronted with the dangerous reality of our public health service’s degradation. Kent and Canterbury hospital has been instructed by Health Education England to transfer 42 of 76 junior doctors to ​the William Harvey Hospital in Read more about The crisis in Kent and Canterbury hospital[…]

Strategy and tactics in student politics

Student politics is forever an interesting world. In 1959 Colin MacInnes spoke of the youth’s ability to overthrow the entire system in his novel ‘Absolute Beginners’, 9 years later in Paris when combined with the strength of the workers they almost did. Many of the Bolsheviks were exceptionally young, and throughout history the youth have Read more about Strategy and tactics in student politics[…]

Do you want a revolution?

The whole world is in the mist of turbulent convulsions. Capitalism as a system has exhausted itself and the capitalist politicians, academics and strategists have no solution to the problems faced by young people today. The case for international socialist revolution has never been clearer. In one country after another young people are beginning to Read more about Do you want a revolution?[…]

Should we ban the Sun from university campuses?

Last term Queen Mary Student Union banned the university shop from selling copies of the Sun newspaper, which is fair enough because the Sun is a sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-working class rag. But this ban was voted through by a small meeting of the student union council, without much publicity or explanation for the wider Read more about Should we ban the Sun from university campuses?[…]