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Lenin said that without revolutionary theory there could be no revolutionary movement. This is entirely correct. The ruling class tries to teach us in a way which benefits them, telling us that capitalism is the only system we can live under. However, this is untrue. Every 2 weeks we will be posting a theoretical article on a different topic, from economics, to philosophy to lessons learnt from centuries of fighting. Learn more here.

in defence of Lenin-2

In Defence of Lenin

Last Thursday (22nd April) was the anniversary of Lenin's birth. Read this article to learn more of his life and ideas!
foundations of christianity

Foundations of Christianity

What are the true origins of Christianity? This article looks at the reality of how this religion came about - from the standpoint of class forces and the material developments…
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How can the working class end police terror?

In recent weeks, the murder of Sarah Everard and the subsequent protests have once again exposed the brutality of the police. The mood on the streets shows that we have…
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Marxism and the Emancipation of Women

“To alter the position of woman at the root is possible only if all the conditions of social, family, and domestic existence are altered.” (Trotsky, Women and the Family, p.…

LGBT History Month: Liberation and Revolution

In recent years the struggle against gender oppression and sexual orientation-based discrimination has developed into mass movements in many countries. We have seen large-scale protests expressing anger and rebellion –…
TT 11.2

The state, politics and parliamentary struggle

This week's #TheoryThursday deals with the question of what the state represents under capitalist society, how the working class can win power and the attitude Marxists should have towards bourgeois…
Lenin TTtext

Lenin on the tasks of young revolutionaries

We republish here a transcript of Lenin's speech given at the Third Congress of the Russian Young Communist League in 1920, which sheds light on what a communist education consists…
Engels TT

Engels at 200: A giant of Marxism

Rob Sewell commemorates Engels' 200th birthday, by looking at the vital contribution that he made to developing the ideas of Marxism, for which we owe him an enormous debt of…
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Marx’s revolution in philosophy

Dialectical materialism is our “sharpest weapon”, as Engels explained, against the misery of class society." Read our latest #TheoryThursdays article on Marx's revolution in philosophy here!

Mental health: pharmaceuticals, therapy and society

We previously published a review of The Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – And the Unexpected Solutions, a book by Swiss-British writer and journalist Johann Hari, in which he attempts…

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