The Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation is holding its 19th central convention on 24 and 25 September in Muzaffarabad. Theconvention will coincide with the anniversary of the killing of former General Secretary of JKNSF Fahim Akram who was martyred by the reactionary forces.
We send our greetings and solidarity with the 19th convention of the JKNSF.

The successes of the Pakistani Marxists are a constant source of inspiration for comrades around the world, and the role of the youth is central to that success. Every revolutionary movement in history has based itself upon the discontent of the young. A social system proves that it has exhausted itself when it fails to provide young people with a positive perspective for their future. It is this worldwide discontent of the youth which makes it clear to us that capitalism has exhausted itself and that the way out of this impasse for young people is the adoption of Marxist ideas in the programs of their organisations.

In Britain, young people are expressing their anger and frustrations again and again – in the anti-tuition fee movement of 2010, in the English riots of 2011, in the Occupy movement, in the ‘Cops off Campuses’ campaign, and in the attraction of radical Scottish youth to the independence movement. Student debt and unaffordable housing, mass unemployment and police repression are all grist to the mill for young British people.

We know that many of these frustrations are shared by young people in Pakistan. As we enter a new academic year, we look to the conference of the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation for inspiration, admiring and seeking to emulate the immense commitment and the great successes of the Kashmiri student comrades. We send our revolutionary greetings and share in celebrating the revolutionary life of Fahim Akram.

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