I’ve always been a socialist, since I was 14, and I understood the differences between capitalism and communism. But I have never become so convinced of the enormity of it until I become a care worker last year and I’ve seen in my own eyes the suffering of ordinary vulnerable people. The loneliness and the fragility of the poorest in our society, mainly in the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. How they bear and how they despair, how they are made to feel they are a burden on society and how they wish to put an end to it at times. Capitalism is sick to the core, it only breeds despair. Today I went into this house and I didn’t know whether to call the police, to call social services or who to call. They’ve all being called and no one can resolve anything really. Only socialism would resolve their anguish and give people a chance to leave with dignity, respect, and hope.

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