It has been announced that Trump is planning a UK state visit from 3rd – 5th June. On 4th June, a protest in London will take place. The Marxist Student Federation will organise a ‘Revolutionary Block’ on this demonstration.

We must fight Trump with internationalism and class solidarity. In Britain, we can do this by mobilising to overthrow our own ruling class. Theresa May is desperate to form a bond with Trump and preserve their ‘special relationship’. This is mainly in the hopes of a close trade deal after Brexit. The ‘relationship’ shared between America and Britain is merely one of shared attacks by the respective ruling classes against the working class.

May is incredibly weak, and it is the responsibility of the labour movement in Britain to go on the offensive to bring the government down. This would be a major blow, not just to the British ruling class, but to the calculations of the international representatives of the capitalist class, including Trump.

The Labour Party is close to taking power, but if and when it does, it is only through a socialist programme that it will be successful. To carry out Corbyn’s policies of free education, funding for the NHS, house-building and so on, it will be necessary to nationalise the banks, the land, and the biggest businesses to plan the economy according to people’s needs.

This will take a mass movement, which it is entirely within the ability of Corbyn to mobilise. Under Corbyn the Labour Party has become the biggest political party in Europe. The energy and enthusiasm behind this movement cannot go to waste. It is only through collective, militant action that we will carry out Corbyn’s programme and show the power the working class has.

From this, we can build a revolutionary movement in Britain that will inspire and appeal to the workers of America, who in turn can fight their own ruling class. Socialism is international or it is nothing, and so our ultimate goal must be nothing short of international socialist revolution.

If you want to join us on the block, let us know here:


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