Throughout history, revolutionaries have produced newspapers, pamphlets and magazines to put forward world changing ideas! We cannot trust our enemies, the capitalist class, to allow revolutionary ideas to be discussed in their media. Ideas are distorted, slandered and outright ignored in the hands of our class enemies. 

We cannot allow this to happen. We must fight back against these lies about socialism and communism with a revolutionary press. A press of our own where we can publish the truth.

This is why we produce the Revolution Paper, to spread ideas that can help to overthrow the capitalist order and bring about a new world. The new Revolution has important articles that affect both students and the working class. 

In the paper we discuss the political turbulence of the year past, in ‘2020: A Year In Review’. Also present is an article discussing the Conservative callousness towards school students and teachers, and looking at the union fightback from the National Education Union. Moreover, there are articles on LGBT liberation and how we fight for it, as well as our demands to the University bosses in the current rent strike wave.

Read more inside the Revolution and fight to change the world with the Marxist Student Federation.

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