Despite the cold and unappealing weather, the picket lines at Loughborough were energetic. The Marxist Society joined the lecturers to show solidarity. Student solidarity towards these strikes is being taken with great appreciation. While the media and even the SU try to divide lecturers and staff, we must clearly say that lecturers’ working conditions are our learning conditions. 

We believe that one of the most important parts of political activity is theory, understanding what has come before us and what must come next. For this reason, we held a discussion on the picket line, with the lecturers, about the life and ideas of Rosa Luxemburg. 

Rosa Luxemburg is an impressive revolutionary, and many lessons can be learnt from her life. A member of the Marxist Society and UCU activist gave this talk, which received a positive response. 

Once the pickets were over, we headed to have a coffee and an informal chat. We will be back again tomorrow!

Loughborough Marxists

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