The MSF is proud to present our launch for Black History Month. We will be publishing a series of articles in the coming weeks on the origins of slavery, the roots of racism, the black power struggle, from Windrush to the refugee crisis, and how we must fight against racism. 

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the US has been set ablaze, with police precincts being burnt down in de facto acts of insurrection. The long and sordid history of repression and brutality has been brought into the limelight. And Malcolm X’s famous saying – you can’t have capitalism without racism – has been brandished at protests all over the world.

It is clear that the struggle for black liberation is a struggle for a socialist future. Enough of tokenistic gestures, and empty promises. In order to gain real material change for the BAME community, we must first understand where this oppression and exploitation comes from, and how it must be overcome. 

Watch our talk on Marxism and Black Liberation here!

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