We are busy spreading the word about the upcoming NUS student walkout, with frequent flyering sessions on campus. These have resulted in an impressive level of engagement from students.

On 3 February, we had our first Marxist society event of the term. We brought up the student walkout, and specifically the MSF model motion and its demands, which were printed and distributed.

Society members discussed the NUS walkout, why we as Marxists support it, and the ways in which we intended to build for this movement. The motion was passed unanimously, and a call out was made to join a WhatsApp group to help organise and get involved.

The next day we began our social media push. Our main post showed the motion that was passed. We will continue to share political content that the MSF publishes, as well as our own.

Through this campaigning – online and on campus – we hope to reach and convince other activists, groups, and societies to join the walkout.

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