Boris Johnson has wormed his way into No 10. He has been voted in by 160,000 of the most right wing reactionary people in the country, the majority of whom are over 55 years of age and believe that Islam is “a threat to the British way of life” and “Trump would be a good British Prime Minister.”

In short, Conservative party members who are typically wealthy, racist, and right wing have elected the epitome of wealth, racism and conservatism in the form of Boris Johnson. A complete enemy of the working class.

He’s doing everything he can to present himself as a ‘man of the people’, by delivering on the Brexit vote. In reality, Boris Johnson couldn’t be further removed from the lives of most people in this country.  He has nothing but contempt for the working class. He has made no secret of his support for the bankers, and big business. His program includes tax cuts for the super-rich, and deepening austerity. 120,000 people have died from austerity already. This number will grow if we allow another Tory government to implement its programme.  Johnson will attack the working class, the youth, migrants, and the majority of society who are being made to pay for the bankers crash of 2008.

In stark contrast, since he was elected to the Labour Party leadership, Jeremy Corbyn has inspired optimism and hope amongst a significant layer of workers and youth who are looking towards a socialist solution to capitalist crisis. By promising to end austerity, nationalise the rail ways, invest in the NHS, invest in a National Education Service, he’s offering the future that young people have been robbed off. However, if we are to really see this programme enacted he must go further. He must nationalise the banks and use that money for the benefit of society. He must expropriate the commanding heights of the economy, without compensation, and invest in all the services we need.

This can only be done based on a mass movement of students and workers that can propel him to power. We need a General Election now! But we can’t rely on parliamentary manoeuvres to get this. We need a mass mobilisation of workers and youth on the streets. Labour needs to put itself at the head of any movement, take a lead, and maintain an independent class position. No alliances with the Liberals, Tory ‘rebels’, or Independents, etc. No appeals to the establishment, the Queen, or the courts. This fight is the most important fight of our lives. To break with capitalism and see the socialist transformation of society.

Boris Johnson has shown he is willing to stop at nothing to push through No Deal Brexit. An unelected Prime Minister, using an unelected monarch (a relic that should be removed) to suspend parliament. We must show the same audacity, in our fight for a socialist labour government.

Many have already taken to the streets to protest these actions and defend democracy. We defend democracy but not capitalist democracy. It is precisely this democracy that has allowed Johnson to act in the way he wanted. He has done nothing illegal. He has simply used the system to work for him and exposed its true oppressive nature as a result. As Marxists, we fight for genuine workers democracy. We must abolish the monarchy, and abolish the House of Lords! A Labour government must use emergency powers to solve the social and economic crisis workers are facing.

Whether we are in the EU, or out, capitalism remains, and it is capitalism that must go. We oppose the EU as pro-capitalist, pro- austerity force. However, leaving EU capitalism in favour of British capitalism won’t solve any of the problems of the working class. The truth is, to carry out a programme of nationalisation of the banks and big business Corbyn would have to break with the EU. He should do so on the basis of a mass movement for socialist policies which can spark similar movements elsewhere and form the foundation for the socialist united states of Europe.

General Election now!

Kick out the Tories!

For a socialist Labour government!


Marxist Student Federation

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