This year’s NUS conference, to be held in Glasgow on 8-11 April 2019, will play host to a record number of Marxist delegates. We’ll be arguing for the NUS to adopt radical socialist policies, as the only route by which the NUS can make itself relevant to the students it is supposed to represent, and as the central plank of a plan to get the NUS out of its £3 million deficit.

Marxist students will be campaigning for the NUS to build solidarity with precarious workers. Many students and education sector workers are in precarious work. The NUS needs to help the trade unions in organising these workers and helping them fight for decent pay and conditions. The NUS’s solidarity needs to be more than just words – we need to take action to unite students and workers.

We will also be arguing for the NUS to fight for free education funded by expropriation of the wealthiest banks and businesses in society. We have the resources to provide free education for all, but it’s in the wrong hands. Big business has been making profit out of an educated population for decades. It’s time we used all of that profit to reinvest in education for all, to develop society and the economy to a higher level – one that functions on the basis of need, not profit.

If you’d like to join the Marxist delegates at the NUS conference, or help our campaign in the run up to the conference, whether you’re a delegate or not, please get in touch. Together we can transform the NUS into a fighting, socialist union.

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