With the current political, economic and constitutional crisis gripping the country, young people are increasingly seeking radical youth-led movements to begin to challenge 40 years of Neoliberalism which has left our generation worse off than our parents, saddled with debt and in precarious work all while having to tackle the upcoming threat of the climate crisis.

This week Sheffield Marxist Society and Sheffield Labour Students have joined forces to fight together in the upcoming general election under the banner of Students4Corbyn.

So far we have signed up 60 students to campaign under this banner, with many more being signed up in the coming weeks and months. With radical, bold political demands, we could appeal to the thousands of students and young workers who are looking towards Corbyn thus mobilising a whole generation to fight for a socialist Labour government. On the basis of a clear socialist programme, the potential of the youth could be channelled into a movement capable of transforming society. With regular campaigning activity, stalls, fundraisers and organized rallies we could become the decisive factor in winning this election.

In the past, Labour Students (NOLS) may have given support and resources to societies who are unable to organise this themselves but now that they are gone it’s vital to pooling resources with other comrades on campus and off-campus. This is why a united front tactic with organised comrades must be used to rebuild inactive Labour Societies into fighting campaigning groups.

Such a grassroots campaign, with these methods, would then provide a platform for refounding a new Labour Students organisation – one capable of fighting for socialism and class policies.

To all other Labour Student societies, Marxist Societies, young labour members and socialists it is time to join forces on campus, to fight for the interests of all students in winning a socialist Labour government. Whether you’re in a marginal seat or not, it is important for us to talk to students and workers at universities and the community surrounding our universities about the need for a socialist Labour government. Our enthusiasm and free time for campaigning is a valuable asset to the Labour movement and will almost certainly be the decisive factor in getting rid of this rotten Tory government.

We should go to every accommodation block, lecture theatre, and student union bar and sign people up. In 2017, we turned Sheffield Hallam into a Labour seat for the first time ever since 1885 and we can do it again! It’s accurate to call this next general election a once in a lifetime opportunity for the working-class to finally elect a Labour government that will transform society and spin Britain back onto its feet after a decade of cruel, inhumane Tory and Liberal austerity. To let it slip through our fingers will be a monumental waste.

We owe it to the billions of people around the world who have fought for our rights out of the hands of a wretched class in society. If we lose then we face the prospect of a deeper, harsher austerity than the last 10 years as well as the likely prospect of a world economic depression.

This fight is between socialism or barbarism. It will undoubtedly be a fight but if we fight together as students and workers, arm in arm, then we will win!

Join the fight for socialism! All out for a Labour victory!

Olive Rickson and Stan Laight (Sheffield Marxist Society and Sheffield Hallam CLP) 


To get involved in Sheffield sign up here. 

To sign up nationally check our latest post.

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