Anyone who reads our website or the Socialist Appeal newspaper regularly will know that we live in extremely turbulent times.

The established order is beginning to crumble. The global crisis of capitalism has produced political turmoil all over the world. In every country, long established parties and traditions are being thrown aside as ordinary people seek a way out of the suffering brought about by this rotten system.

Never before has a strong Marxist voice been so badly needed. Amidst all the pessimism permeated by the ruling class and its mouthpieces, only the Marxists offer a sober analysis and a sense of revolutionary optimism.

Growing stronger

The last period has seen a qualitative strengthening of the forces of Marxism in Britain.

Our excellent conference of the Marxist Student Federation (MSF) held earlier this year marked a milestone. Five years after the MSF’s launch in 2013, it is clear that revolutionary ideas are gaining traction on campuses.

The continued success of the fortnightly Socialist Appeal paper, meanwhile, is a testament to the thirst for Marxist ideas.

And the victories recorded already by the Labour4Clause4 campaign, supported by the Marxist Student Federation, further demonstrate the turning of the tide. The demand to restore Clause IV has been well-received across the labour movement, proving that there is a strong desire for socialist policies amongst workers and youth.

Financial sacrifice

It would not have been possible for the forces of Marxism to take these important steps forward without a full-time apparatus. This is maintained without any rich backers, funded exclusively by the financial sacrifice of our members, activists, and supporters.

But the national Marxist office in London is now at full capacity – and somewhat cramped – with no room for any new staff or equipment.

Recently, an important opportunity for the further development of the Marxists’ resources has presented itself. Another office in the same building as the current office has become available, offering the space to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

This opportunity will not remain for long – so we must act now.

This is not without its challenges, however. The increase in rent involved will more than stretch the Marxists’ current financial resources. To make this important move sustainable, we need your immediate support.

A socialist appeal

For this reason, we are making an appeal to all our supporters to help us raise £5,000 by September to cover the added costs of renting this new office space. Every donation – large or small – is greatly appreciated towards this goal.

In addition, we are calling on all our supporters to make a regular monthly donation so that we can continue to grow and expand into the future.

With Socialist Appeal’s Full Communist subscription package, for example, you can even subscribe to the Socialist Appeal newspaper and donate at the same time, getting the fortnightly paper and the quarterly theoretical magazine, and providing an additional contribution to the fighting fund.

Please consider donating today, to help us take a vital step in the building of the forces of Marxism!

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