LSE (London School of Economics) Marxist Society has been out on the picket lines supporting UCU members. The Marxist Society spent the build up to the strike pushing the SU to actively support the striking workers. This resulted in us having a gazebo and hot drinks provided by the SU. 

This all went a long way to help build morale on the picket line and show the lecturers that they are supported. 

We spent time on the pickets discussing the two battles (the pensions dispute and the four fights dispute). Lecturers were keen to discuss the political importance of these battles and many were drawing out the wider lessons that all of this is connected to the marketisation of education and Universities being opened up for the capitalist class. 

Management has been on hand to try and remove the militancy of this strike. They know that united workers and students are their Achilles heel. In order to engage students, we raised the student walk out on the 2nd March and used this to connect the student struggle to the strike. 

Many students were excited to hear that there was something more they could do, and we will continue to build on this mood as a Marxist Society. 

An angry mood exists on campus, however, management has done it best to shut down any solidarity. The Marxist Society is taking it upon ourselves to build this solidarity. 

We will be back on the pickets this week and we will make sure to continue to show the need for solidarity and the shared problems of students and workers! Their working conditions are our learning conditions.

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