The unprecedented assault on education in Britain over the last five years, from increasing tuition fees to scrapping maintenance grants, constitutes the Tories forcing young people to pay for the deepest crisis of capitalism in history. The fight for our education and for our future is the fight against austerity of all shades, and ultimately it is a fight against capitalism.

Marxist students will be joining the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) on a demonstration on Wednesday 4 November for free education and living grants for all. The Marxist Student Federation stands with NCAFC in the fight for free education, against privatisation and against the poor treatment of international students. We see these struggles as part of our broader fight for the socialist transformation of society.

The Marxist Student Federation encourages all students to join us, NCAFC and many other organisations on 4 November to demand free education, real living grants, equal treatment for all students regardless of nationality, and an end to the privatisation of education. We argue that all of this is possible on the basis of socialising the wealth in society, and planning our economy in the interests of need, not profit.

Defend education! Fight for socialism!

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