We ask worker and student activists and organisations around the world to show their solidarity with the struggle in Haiti by sharing this statement, taking pictures and making statements of their own on social media using the hashtags #SolidaritéAvecLaLutteEnHaïti and #ABasLeRégimeMoïse. To add the name of your organisation to the statement please contact webmaster@marxist.com.

The regime of Jovenel Moïse in Haiti is completely illegitimate and corrupt. With parliament dissolved, Moïse rules by decree and has been viciously consolidating his power with the support of armed gangs. The gangs have committed many crimes, attacking popular neighbourhoods and killing opponents of the regime with impunity. With the political and economic crisis deepening, Möise has been calling for a new constitution to further consolidate his power. At the end of August, Monferrier Dorval, the head of the Port-au-Prince bar association and opponent of the regime, was assassinated outside his home. This murder sparked intense student protests denouncing the Moïse regime. Grégory Saint-Hilaire, a student at the State University of Haiti, was killed at a protest on 2 October. Another student was killed on 5 October, while protesting the death of Saint-Hilaire. We stand against the Moïse regime and these killings.

No to the privatisation of education!

No to the privatisation of health services!

Down with the Moïse regime!

For international solidarity with the struggle in Haiti!

Down with imperialism, for socialism in Haiti!


Círculos Marxistas Universitarios – Spain

Comités de Lucha Estudiantil

Cercles Marxistes – universities of Paris, Toulouse, Lyon et Marseille – France

Marxistiska Studenter – Sweden

Marxist Student Federation – Britain

Progressive Youth Alliance – Pakistan

Comité de Lucha Estudiantil Politécnico y Juventudes Marxistas – México

Liberdade e Luta – Brazil

La Riposte socialiste étudiante – Socialist Fightback Students Canada

Fuerza de Acción Universitaria (FAU), Bloque Popular Juvenil (BPJ) – El Salvador

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