The messages below were sent to the Marxist Student Federation from our comrades around the world. International solidarity is one of our greatest strengths and sources of inspiration. Workers of the world unite!


Comrades of the Marxist Student Federation,

We send you our warm greetings! The recent developments on a world scale are proof of the correctness of the Marxist ideas. The emergence of ISIS and the refugee crisis are clear symptoms of capitalist barbarism. While the sceptics however, can only see chaos and reaction, we see and prepare for the sharpening of the class struggle that is taking place. We understand that not only Latin America, the Arab World or Southern Europe, but also the “strongest” capitalist countries like Britain, cannot escape from this future.

Your work is therefore of high importance. We are confident that you will succeed in building a mass marxist tendency within the British student movement, strongly connected with the workers movement, as the first big step for the building of the revolutionary force that is necessary for the victory of socialism! As far as we are concerned, you can count on our full support and internationalist solidarity.

Revolutionary greetings,
Youth against Capitalism


Dear comrades,

Your conference is held during a turbulent time. The crisis of capitalism is continuing and sowing ever deeper wounds into a dying system, in which the ruling class is trying to place the burden of it on the shoulders of the masses. While the workers and youth have to suffer starvation, war, poverty and unemployment the ruling class is continuing it´s orgy in speculation, killing and moral decay. This parasitic class needs to be swept aside once and for all. More and more workers and youth are coming to this conclusion and are struggling to find an alternative.

What we are witnessing is the beginning of the world revolution. It is the task of revolutionaries to lead the revolution to a victorious end. In preparation for the coming revolution – we need to sink deep roots into all layers of society – not just the workers but also the youth. Students and youth have always played a leading role in revolutions as the most radical sector of society. Many revolutions have started off with the protests and demonstrations of youth who then serve to inspire the working class to enter into the struggle. It is the task of revolutionaries to educate the youth in the spirit of class struggle – to stand side by side with all oppressed layers in society in the struggle led by the working class.

The work done by the Marxist Student Federation is exemplary in this and serves as an inspiration for all who want to organize students to fight capitalism.

Comrades – best of luck with your conference!

Long live the Marxist Student Federation!
Long live internationalism!

Revolutionary greetings,
The Marxist Students of Sweden


Dear Comrades,

Revolutionary greetings to the Marxist Student Federation 2016 conference from the 2016 Montreal Marxist Winter School! Our discussions are united by internationalism and the understanding that we are all part of the same struggle against global capitalism. The comrades of the International Marxist Tendency in Quebec, Canada, and the USA, are inspired by your work in Britain. The Corbyn revolution is a point of reference and we will be discussing how Marxists should approach the Bernie Sanders campaign. Workers of the world unite!

Fightback and La Riposte


Dear comrades of the Marxist Student Federation:

From across the pond, we in the United States salute your fine work in building the organization. We have been closely following your successful interventions and have much to learn from your work.

Here in the US, we are seeing tremendous youth interest in Marxism in general and in our organization in particular. Our youth work is spread out coast-to-coast. We have Marxist Student Associations in universities from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chico, California. Here in New York City we are expanding our youth work at two major universities despite having been obstructed by the school bureaucracies at every turn. Further, we have been joined by several promising comrades in high school, who are working tirelessly to explain the ideas of Marxism to their peers.

Bernie Sanders has been a conduit sparking mass interest in socialism, despite years of capitalist slandering of our ideas. We are wasting no time in connecting our ideas with those who are supporting him and have had a very good reception. Talking about socialism in America no longer invites sneering disgust, but rather genuine curiosity, especially from the youth. This is no surprise: the impending crisis of capitalism is now weighing like an anvil on the shoulders of young people everywhere.

We in America are excited for your conference, but even more exhilarated by the future struggle in which we will stand together. With assiduous study of theory, disciplined but bold organizational work, and tenacity, we shall grow into a robust subjective factor that will help guide the world working class towards a victorious revolution. Let us be daring and imagine a socialist world and let us move forward to build such a world. The time is now!

The Marxist Student Association


Dear comrades of the Marxist Student Federation,

We send you a mighty red salute and congratulate you on the occasion of the national conference of the Marxist Student Federation. We have been following the work of the Marxist Student Federation (MSF) closely for several years now. We have learned a lot from your experience and comrades here are eager to learn much more. Your marvelous work, enthusiasm and development is a source of inspiration for us.

A deep crisis of capitalism, along with its economy, state and politics is evident from the developments of the last few years in the UK and all over the world. The perks, privileges and standards of living that the working class and youth of Europe gained through decades of struggle can’t be sustained under this historically obsolete system now. Austerity is on the order of day everywhere. But the recent movement of young doctors in England, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn on a left wing programme, the constant agitation of students and different sections of the working class, and other developments in Europe also prove that class struggle is on the agenda once again. This is the epoch of revolutions, counter-revolutions and explosive events. We are confident that youth organized in the Marxist Student Federation will intervene in these revolutionary movements and link them to the programme of Marxism and revolutionary socialism.

Comrades we expect you are well aware of the conditions through which the masses, and youth in particular, are living in Pakistan. Terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists on educational institutions are becoming the norm. Students Unions were banned by the draconian Zia-Ul-Haq regime in 1979 and no so-called democratic government has lifted this ban ever since. Institutions like the IMF and the World Bank determine the economic policy of this country. The current right-wing government of PML (N) is pursuing an agenda of aggressive privatization, and hundreds of colleges and schools have been targeted along with other state institutions. But the ruling class is afraid of a revolt. There have been many protests by students, particularly in Murray College Sialkot and Gorden College Rawalpindi, against privatization. Students at the University of Peshawar are running a campaign for free education and basic rights. Many such spontaneous movements and protests on basic issues can be cited which point towards the possibility of a mass student movement and a revival of politics and unions on the campuses. It is worth mentioning that the revolution of 1968-69 was sparked by the students and started with the brutal murder of a student by police in Rawalpindi. Hence, the recent launch of the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) is part of the preparations for what lies ahead.

Comrades, our struggle is the struggle for the future of humanity. All over the world capitalism only presents a dark future for the youth. Only the fight for socialism can put an end to this exploitation, alienation and barbarism. Your struggle is our struggle and our struggle is your struggle. Educate, Agitate, Organise! Forward towards Socialist Revolution!

Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA)
Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF)


Dear comrades of the Marxist Student Federation,

The comrades of Sempre in Lotta have always followed with deep interest and participation the work and political activity of the MSF, since its founding conference in 2014. Unfortunately, for the first time, we are unable to participate in this year’s event due to an important workers’ conference we are attending in Reggio Emilia, in Italy, at the same time.

As all of you know it is of vital importance to link the student movement with the working class, as this is the only way we have to conquer rights, to win battles, and, most importantly, to overthrow this rotten capitalist system and open the path to a new society free from oppression, exploitation and war.

We want to send our warmest greetings to your conference. We are carefully following the changes in the situation in Britain, with the election of Corbyn in the Labour Party and its consequences, as well as your intervention in this situation, and we are sure the discussions at your conference will be useful to give to every comrade better ideas, tasks, and tactics to continue in their revolutionary work.

The fight against capitalism is international, and so, your fight is our fight.

A Red Salute from all the comrades of Sempre in Lotta for this year’s Marxist Student Federation conference.

We fight together for revolution!

Sempre in Lotta


Dear comrades of the Marxist Student Federation,

It is a pleasure to send these greetings. Your conference is being held during a turbulent period in which capitalism is forcing its crisis onto the shoulders of youth and the working class. But today more than ever presents an historic opportunity to build a new society without exploitation and oppression. Discussion amongst the young revolutionaries of the world is urgent because the task of overthrowing capitalism is yet to be completed.

Leon Trotsky, continuing the legacy of Marx, Engels and Lenin, left a legacy of ideas, a programme and traditions. He died in Mexico with a firm belief that the youth and the world working class would pursue the correct direction of true international socialism to free young people and the proletariat from oppression and exploitation.

The comrades in Mexico, who are organized in the Committee for Student Struggle in the Polytechnics (CLEP) and are active in La Izquierda Socialista in Mexico, the Mexican section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT-LIS), hope that your national conference is thoroughgoing and proves productive. Ultimately it must provide the way forward for the militant youth and revolutionary young people in Britain.

Hasta la victoria siempre comrades!
Long live the Marxist Student Federation!
We are still missing the 43 students in Mexico and continue to demand that they be brought back alive!
Revolutionary youth of the world unite!



It is with great  enthusiasm that we greet the participants of the national conference of the Marxist Student Federation. In Brazil we have just held a revolutionary camp, which took place between 28-31 January, at the occupied factory of Flaskô, near São Paulo. We took this opportunity to found a new independent youth organization: “Freedom and Struggle” (Liberdade e Luta). The manifesto of this organization says: “Freedom is our goal. The struggle is our method.” The camp, which was attended by Marxist comrades from Venezuela and Mexico, strengthened our conviction that the revolutionary fight must be international. That’s why we also follow with  great interest the development of the Marxist Student Federation and we hope to contribute with correspondence between our two organizations.

Liberdade e Luta

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