The undersigned organisations join in the call by students from the Rural Normal of Ayotzinapa and the National People’s Assembly for a day of action on October 22 and we extend internationally. We appeal for the organisation of protest actions at Mexican embassies and consulates around the world that day.
– Taken alive, we want them alive!
– Live appearance of the 43 students kidnapped by the state
– Trial and punishment of those responsible for the attack
– Fulfilment of the just demands of IPN students
– No to repression
CLEP, La Izquierda Socialista, Mexico
Marxist Student Federation, Britain
Socialist Appeal, Britain
Sempre in Lotta, Italy
FalceMartello, Italy
Revolutionary Socialists, Denmark
Avanti, Sweden
Der Funke, Austria, Switzerland, Germany
Revolution, France
Vonk – Revolution, Belgium
Epanastasi, Revolution, Greece
Lucha de Clases, Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela
Juventud Marxista, Venezuela
Juventude Marxista – Esquerda Marxista, Brasil
Bloque Popular Juvenil, El Salvador
Militante, Argentina
Fightback, La Riposte, Canada
Socialist Appeal, US
The Struggle, Pakistan
Socialist Appeal, New Zealand
Workers’ Alternative, Nigeria
Brag Kapitala, Russia
Militan, Indonesia
Crvena Kritika, Serbia
Communist League of Action, Morocco
International Marxist Tendency
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