The weekly meetings of the Marxist societies are the foundation upon which the Marxist Student Federation is built. Without these meetings campaigning and other work will be impossible.

  1. Choose a topic

This has to be one that will draw in people who are interested in the ideas of Marxism. It can tackle a particular aspect of Marxist theory (the state, the national question, economics etc.), or it could address a particular historical or current event of significance. Consider historical events around the date of the meeting and consider both national and international current events. Debates or panel discussions between the Marxist society and other university societies (anarchists, Labour Club, libertarians, Christian Union etc.) are also popular meetings.

  1. Contact a speaker

Speakers at Marxist society meetings are often members of the Marxist societies themselves. Also consider members of other Marxist societies in your region or nationally. Speakers from Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency have consistently supported Marxist society meetings all over the country and always deliver excellent talks on a wide variety of topics. For advice on contacting speakers get in touch with

  1. Book a room

To attract the maximum number of students the room should be booked in a university building or in the student union building. However meetings can also take place in local pubs, bars or cafes etc.

  1. Advertise the meeting

Leaflets and posters should be produced and widely distributed. A facebook event should be created and shared widely on social media. Emails should be send to the Marxist society mailing list with details of the meeting and you should try to get the student union themselves to advertise the meeting on their mailing list and website. For bigger meetings you might consider trying to advertise it in the student press as well.


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